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Our History

“Can you perform and feel better by eating right? “How do you train smart?” These were thoughts in Morgan Norrestam’s mind when he worked as a coach for gymnasts at the elite level. After pondering these questions for a couple of years and testing various dietary supplements on gymnasts with good results, these thoughts led to the company Svenskt Kosttillskott AB being founded in 2004 in Sweden. From the very beginning, the foundation was laid for a family feeling in the company by Morgan enlisting the help of family and friends. We were also among the pioneers in e-commerce for health food and supplements right from the start.

After a few years, the demand for organic and wellness began to increase and thus, the subsidiary Svensk Hälsokost (Swedish Health Food) was started in 2010. The following year, we launched the Healthwell brand, which is a range specially developed for those who value natural supplements and foods highly.

Even though the company has grown over the years, the family feeling remains. And the basic ideas about what to eat and how to exercise are still important keywords that flow through the entire company.

In 2020, we at Healthwell are taking the step into Europe to spread our knowledge about good, healthy values regarding exercise and health to more people.